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I am really mad and *** off with titan, I had due date on 11/05/2015 for my renew policy but I got a better deal from other company, I send the cancellation request to titan on 10/27/2015 and till now my account still active and they took the money from my account, then I called them again today and the said they don't get it. I am so mad ... And they asked me to send again!! Add comment

I had my car insurance with titan for just two days and I got better deal some where else so I cancel it.i paid $160.70 cash . when I cancel it they told me I will get refund but instead got billed for another $30. TITAN is theif company. Don't do your insurance here. Add comment

  • Sep 21
  • Auto Insurance
  • New York, New York
  • Titan Auto Insurance
  • 154

On 9/16/15 I have a small collision at 144 St. and B'way in New York City, against a yellow cab; I was traveling from west to east; I was standing at 144 Street and B'way waiting for the red light to turn into the green light in order to proceed to turn to the left (north) at B'way when the yellow cab came into my vehicle when I was turning north; I tried to avoid it but I stroked it with minimal... Read more

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  • Aug 19
  • Auto Insurance
  • Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania
  • Titan Auto Insurance
  • 110

Every time you call Titan they give you wrong information, they are the worst company ever in customer services and I work for Comcast I hate this company. Titan Auto has no flex ability when it comes to you missing a payment by two weeks mind you I was out the country and just forgot because they make you wait to add auto pay if you don't do it when you first sign up... "WHO DOES THAT!" you... Read more

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They give you incorrect info about your policy everytime you call and they are not flexible when it comes to compensate (remove charges) you for their mistakes they just bleame it all on you Add comment

  • Jul 09
  • Auto Insurance
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Titan Auto Insurance
  • 214

Trust me. DO NOT DEAL WITH TITAN!! I had been with Titan for about 8 months with good low rates when for some unknown and unexplained reason they increased my rate by $18 a month. When they couldn't provide a valid reason other than rates went up, I cancelled my policy and went with another company. Even though I had cancelled my policy they automatically deducted another months payment from... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Auto Insurance
  • North Royalton, Ohio
  • Titan Auto Insurance
  • 146

Horrible!! I moved to Ohio, from Florida in January of this year. In march, I got an Ohio license & a week later I got a car and I purchased insurance from Titan. I paid my bills but recently discovered when I went to pay my bill, my policy was cancelled. So, this is what happened, back in march, there was a mix up and I wasn't receiving mail, which got fixed right away. Well, apparently, a... Read more

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I got TITAN insurance by VILLA insurance. They stole my money, they charged twice in a month. When i asked for the money back it took like two months to get it back on a check by mail. they didn't gave me all my money back, it was like $17 missing. I already have another insurance, it cover the same and $23 cheaper. I really was wasting my money with this TITAN insurance. Add comment

  • May 01
  • Auto Insurance
  • League City, Texas
  • Car Insurance
  • 1
  • 1
  • 374

They applied a discount that I was unaware of. They said my insurance monthly would be $199. I paid it the first two months. Upon the due date of the third month It went from $199 to $629!!! When I called to see what was going on I was told I never sent 6 months prior insurance and that was the agreement made for the "discount". I made them pull the tape recording Bc that was never discussed! The... Read more

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This is my first insurance in US, they have the worst customer service, I spend to much time on the phone with them, all they can do is apologise. They will never help you solve your problems. Would not recommend this insurance to anyone Add comment

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