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WORST COSTUMER SERVICE!! They took almost $300 from me and took them a month to finally refund me my money back. I talked to probably 12 different people and they all told me different stories and they all SUCK! Do not use them!! Add comment

I have gotten several quotes from Titan. When I arrive they are quoting me a higher price for down payment and although my monthly quote stays the same. I feel that they try to make money off of me. When I ask why I get all of these trivia questions. SHM I know whats on my record and the fact that they are in front of the computer baffles me. They say no broker fees but that seems to change once you get there. They cancelled my policy in the... Read more

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Do not use Titan..ever. They will rip you off at every chance they get. Canceled a policy..they charged me $85 in cancellation fees. I hope the state goes after them. They are thieves. DO NOT use Titan under any circumstances. Companies like this should be put out of business. I'm sure they are run by sleazy sleazy lawyers...all lawyers are actually sleazy, but these people are the absolute worst. tell everyone you know. Do not use... Read more

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Review about Titan Auto Insurance from Vista, California
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I recieved a notice stating that my payment was returned due to non sufficient funds. Right then and there I knew something was up because that would be physically impossible, my account NEVER would go anywhere near low enough for that to have happend. I called and the rep then openly admitted that there was a problem with the bank (also ***) and that the payment wasnt returned due to non sufficient funds. I couldn't believe that the rep... Read more

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They canceled my insurance after a month because they couldn't verify where my car was parked, and they are still billing me for a higher price. Now I'm having to have the bank setup a stop payment. Add comment

I will NEVER recommend Titan Insurance to ANYONE! I had a HORRIBLE time trying to pay my bill online - each time I tried the site kicked me off, delaying my payments. When I tried to pay by regular mail, the company just sent me a refund check and took only part of my money. When I cashed the VERY meager refund check, the idiots put a "Stop Payment" on it and my bank charged me another 12 bucks returned check charge. Bad customer service, bad... Read more

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This company is a joke and a scam and the manger i spoke to is a condescending inconsiderate ***. They cancled my coverage with out informing me even though i made all the payments on time. I was not covered for about 5 days and in that 5 day time my car got damaged and they wouldn't cover the coast of the damage. Please stay away from this company stat away!!!!! Add comment

Stay away from this company. Yes rates are cheap but they have outrages cancellation fees . They dont even take into consideration all those months ive payed on time and how i never filed a claim. $300 dollars out of my bank account just because i cancelled early. I bought a new car and wanted to swap it with one on my policy the price per month was too high and i found a better deal on progressive. So they let me have it with a collection... Read more

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Rip off company. The initial insurance was supposed to be $197 and every month that was supposed to be the amount to be taken out. But the second month they took $281 from my account! After that I canceled the policy but still after 3 days they took out money from my bank account unauthorized. Then after a month, they sent me back only $247 even though they took $281. This is the worst company I have ever seen. When I demanded my other half of... Read more

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I called to pay my bill found out that it lapsed a month ago today I told them I had not received a bill for the payments this has happened in the past. I was talking to an agent over the phone and he was so rude and he hung up on me I had to call back 3 times to get a long wait to speak with a manager in charge no luck so moving on to a better insurance NOT RECOMMENDED INSURANCE!! Read more

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